$1000 To Spend On Sneakers – What Are You Coppin?

With the COVID-19 virus keeping people around the world stuck inside for the foreseeable future, Robbie and Nick discuss the best sneakers in movies and then offer up some must-see sneaker movies.

Rockin’ –
Plaid House Shoes https://fave.co/33wD2He
Coppin’ –
Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ https://fave.co/2Qz9Eea

Nick –
Rockin’ –
Reebok Answer 7 https://fave.co/2IUsHvf
Coppin’ –
Nike SB Dunk ‘Griffey Max’ https://fave.co/3dg7wSj

Mike –
Rockin’ –
Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 ‘NYC to Paris’ https://fave.co/2xXqdtR
Coppin’ –
Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ https://fave.co/2Qz9Eea

Nike Donates $15 Milion To Coronavirus: https://fave.co/397y98G
Under Armour Donates $2 Million to Coronavirus: https://fave.co/2QwniyL
Resellers Closing: https://fave.co/2QwniyL
Killing Time: 20 Must-See Movies For Sneakerheads

The 23 Best Sneaker Movies Of All Time

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