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Nike Free 7.0, More than Meets the Eye

Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 "Optimus Prime"
Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 “Optimus Prime”
The partnership between Nike and the Transformers franchise has been around since before Calvin Johnson and other Transformer themed releases. But one of their most interesting collaborations wasn’t even on a pair that could be worn. Back in 2007 Tranformers Sports Label was created, a toyline label made in conjunction with Nike. To kick off the partnership the two brands created special versions of Optimus Prime, named Convoy in Asian markets, and Megatron. But they did not transform into anything we had ever seen before. Instead both transformed into the Nike Free 7.0.

Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 "Megatron"
Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 “Megatron” photo via TOYSREVIL
Why did they choose the Nike Free 7.0? Who knows. What we do know is that the end result was pretty cool. Although the action figures were not to scale, unless we are considering, kid sizes. The end result in either robot or sneaker form was impressive. Yes they did skimp out on just change the heads and colors to both the Transformers, but the intricate transformation is beyond most toys we see. Optimus represents the Autobots aka the good guys, so he is seen in white, red and black Free 7.0. Megatron represents the baddies with a black and grey colorway. Both had standard laces in them to finish off the sneaker effect. Not surprising both colorways were standard releases available to the general market.

Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 "Optimus Prime"
Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 “Optimus Prime” photo via TOYSREVIL
After the leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons released the brands apparently released a “Marine” color of Convoy and fakes popped up. Whichever real figurine you want finding a pair nowadays is quite difficult unless you know how to use proxy services and, however they can be had for the right price. One thing is for sure, these are way cooler to own then a copy of one of Michael Bay’s movies

Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 Packing
Transformers x Nike Free 7.0 Packing

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