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Jason “The Jet” Terry Turns 38 Today

Jason Terry in Reebok Zig Slash

Jason Eugene Terry (J.E.T. get it?!?) will be blowing out 38 candles today as he prepares to enter his 17th NBA season. Probably a huge reason “The Jet” hasn’t retired yet is he’s been nothing but successful playing basketball. He won two state championships in high school, one NCAA Championship in 1997 at Arizona, and was part of the 2011 Dallas Maverick championship team. Now with the Houston Rockets, he is hoping he can get another ring (and maybe another tattoo) with the help of James Harden and Dwight Howard.

Jason Terry in Nike Air Force Operate
Jason Terry in Nike Air Force Operate

At Arizona with Mike Bibby, Terry and crew wore Nike and brought heat nearly every night. He followed that trend into the league as he wore the Swoosh during his years at Atlanta and even into his first few years as a Dallas Maverick. However, he is most known to sneakerheads for being one of the main Reebok endorsers on-court; everything from Allen Iverson signatures, Reebok’s Zig phase, and the recent run of retroes. Even as the Reebok on-court athletes have come and gone, Terry has stayed with the Vector brand.

Jason Terry in Reebok Answer IV
Jason Terry in Reebok Answer IV

He may not be the pesky, speedy guard he once was but “the Jet” can still make buckets when needed. Happy birthday! We know we’ll see the signature move on the court this upcoming season. And we need him around just so we can keep seeing Reebok in the NBA.

Jason Terry in Reebok Kamikaze II
Jason Terry in Reebok Kamikaze II

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