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David Robinson Scores 71, Wins NBA Scoring Title

David Robinson in Nike Air Unlimited
David Robinson in Nike Air Unlimited

Before Tim “Old Man Riverwalk” Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs had another dominating big man, David Robinson. Before the “Twin Towers” duo was formed, Robinson was helping put the Spurs on the basketball map. During a time when big men were a more dominant focus of the game the NBA Scoring Title was coming down to the last game of the year. Heading into game 82, then-Orlando Magic Shaq had a very slight lead over Robinson. Although he said he didn’t care about the record he would go to have a last game of 32 points and 22 rebounds against the New Jersey Nets that day. The Spurs were scheduled to play a very-bad Clippers team on the west coast so the numbers were known.

Nike Air Unlimited
Nike Air Unlimited Photo via Sneakernews

The Admiral’s previous career high was 52 points and he would have to surpass that to beat Shaq. So the plan was set and the game played. You can’t blame the Clippers as they double and triple teamed the star to slow down his game. But he was having one of those days. There was also some gamesmanship from the Spurs’ coach as he had his team foul the Clippers to get Robinson more shots overall. By the end of the final buzzer the Spurs won 112-97, which really didn’t matter. But Robinson would make 26-of-41 shots along with 18-of-25 free throws to get his 71 points in 44 minutes. He is one of only five players to score over 70 in an NBA game and he won the NBA Scoring Title, 29.8 to 29.3.

David Robinson in Nike Air Unlimited
David Robinson in Nike Air Unlimited

On his feet during the 1993-1994 season were the Nike Air Unlimited, a popular sneaker for a number of players in the league and college. A Nike member for his entire career the Admiral wore some gems like the Air Command Force and Total Air Foamposite Max throughout his career. But that 1993-94 season was the best statistically for Robinson and the Air Unlimited were a part of that season.


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