D-Rose 2 Rewind

Elusive. Electrifying. Limitless bounce. Derrick Rose redefined athleticism at the point guard position within the first three years of his career. The league previously featured hyper-athletic points like Barron Davis, Steve Francis and Penny Hardaway but Derrick’s speed and lateral movement coupled with his bounce made him unique. Adidas saw his potential as a signature athlete and signed Rose during his rookie season. Aging stars like McGrady, Garnett and Billups headlined Adidas’s stable of talent while Rose came up the ranks. No one projected Rose would be a league MVP by the 2011-2012 season. He led the Bulls to a #1 seed in the Eastern Conference over LeBron’s Cavs but above all… he was captivating. Today we’ll rewind to Derrick’s MVP season and remember the AdiZERO Rose 2.

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Rose was touted as Chicago’s second son (since MJ) as he quickly grabbed the league’s spotlight with his amazing play. Being from The Chi only added to Rose’s mystique. If you don’t remember his game (video below) think Russell Westbrook but more speed and fluidity (shame we never got a prime Russ vs. prime Rose). The Rose line by Adidas attempted to replicate his on-court speed. 2011 saw a full scale push towards the minimization of shoe weight, a trend that would lead to rival brands rushing to create the most featherweight design. These early entries in Derrick’s signature line felt like the direct cousins of Adidas’s Adi___ (Pure, Zero, etc) and it’s obvious at first glance. It felt like weight was becoming more important than durability. These performance goals were improved upon when Derrick started year three in the NBA.

The D-Rose 2 was able to achieve its elite lightness and retain durability due to Sprint Frame & Sprint Web technologies. The techs allowed Adidas to cut out layers of upper material while maintaining stability through the mid foot and created breathability. PU insole cushioning and Adidas’s patented EVA midsole unit provide the shoe’s fit and comfort.

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Adidas used a leather toe box in an attempt to make the shoe more ‘lifestyle friendly’. Common complaints about the D-Rose 1/1.5 were centered around how goofy the shoe looked off the court. The D-Rose 2 isn’t perfect in this regard, but no doubt it looks better with jeans than its predecessors. The shoe’s lateral straps feature Rose’s signature and add a nice aesthetic touch (not so much a functional touch). Our favorite design feature is the heel of the D-Rose 2. The Three Stripes are positioned at an angle on the heel counter as an ode to Derrick’s defenders. He wanted them to see the Stripes as he blew past them on his way to the rim.

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Everyone that watched Rose during his MVP run will has a strong opinion on the subject. Some felt like the award was fitting, others thought he deserved to win but quickly note his inefficiency. Some felt like Dwight Howard was MVP, others thought LeBron deserved the award. In my opinion, the MVP award isn’t won exclusively by win totals, or player efficiency rating, or even stats. Rose combined all three (but wasn’t the best in all categories) and that’s good enough for me. Lets be real though, Rose won the 2011 MVP because he stole the league’s attention with his natural talent… and the shoes :p

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Watch Derrick’s review on the D-Rose 2 and MVP highlights right here.

Do you think Derrick Rose should have won the MVP in 2011? Did you own a pair of D-Rose 2’s? Share your memories with us in the comments below… play nice!

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