Nike Air Ship Retro Black/Red Custom

Nike Air Ship – History Lesson

The Nike Air Ship: A Twisted History When Michael Jordan first set foot on the NBA court for his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, he didn’t lace up his famous Air Jordans, but the Air Ship. For as long as can be remembered, the Air Jordan 1 has been the storied sneaker that was …

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Michael Jordan with the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 1985

Air Jordan 1 History Lesson

The Air Jordan 1 is arguably the most important sneaker in the history of footwear. Not only was it Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker from Nike, but it was the beginning of Nike’s ingenuity when it comes to storytelling. The Air Jordan 1 began as a basketball sneaker, found a second life with skateboarders in …

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2019-20 NBA Sneaker Preview

via USA Today As the NBA regular season approaches (about 14 days to be exact) we start to see some of the latest and greatest footwear drop; so it’s only fitting I’d hit you with a 2019-20 NBA sneaker preview! It looks like we’re primed for a great year of sneakers if the NBA Pre-Season …

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Air Jordan 1: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Good morning ladies and gents! Yesterday morning we dropped our latest Sneaker History Podcast episode (available on all Podcast streaming platforms) and we covered a few topics; but specifically, we discussed the insanity that is THE Air Jordan 1. Sneaker collectors love them, the resell market loves them… everyone loves Jordan 1s, and Jordan Brand …

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The Best Kobe Bryant Signature Sneakers

How many professional athletes are so legendary that they are celebrated around the globe and throughout social media on back to back days? The answer is one, and that is Kobe Bryant. With a birthday that lands on 8/23 and “Mamba Day” that lands on 8/24, which are the two jersey numbers that Kobe Bryant …

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One of the Best Kobe Signatures: A Lookback at the Kobe V

As another year passes, we get to recognize one of the greatest basketball players ever. On 8/24 we’ll again break out our Kobe signatures to pay homage to the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. While Kobe has many noteworthy signature sneaker models (in my opinion the best performance line as a whole to date), I want …

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Be Like Mike

When it comes to athlete catchphrases few compare to Michael Jordan’s “Be like Mike.” Upon reading that you heard the ’90’s voice say it, huh? It’s instinctual – we all know it without really even trying. What’s crazy is that most people don’t know where the slogan came from… well, it originated from Michael’s Gatorade …

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FBF: Footwear Flashback

Y’all ready for a Footwear Flashback? Hop into the Sneaker History time machine and go back to the early 2010s with us! Much like a preteen going through puberty, the first half of the 2010s were a confusing time in basketball footwear. Technology was constantly advancing and subsequently, the basketball category experienced growing pains. Signature …

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TISH: Paul George Returns

Today in Sneaker History Paul George triumphantly returned to basketball on the world’s grandest stage – the 2016 Olympic Games. Two summers prior George suffered a catastrophic leg injury during an exhibition game for Team USA on a routine layup play. We won’t show it to you out of respect to PG, but if you Google …

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WNBA All-Star Kicks

It’s 2019, if you’re still sleeping on the WNBA then you need to wake up. The league has grown so much since 1997 and it continues to prove that playing like a girl isn’t a bad thing. Those woke to women’s hoops know that female professional basketball is huge overseas with the Chinese leagues and …

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