SZ13 Sneaker Connoisseur & Tech Enthusiast who has Brand product tested footwear for Nike/Jordan Brand/Brandblack. Currently resides in New York & loves basketball (sad Knicks fan), Michael Jordan fan, & currently working on testing products that will (hopefully) be in your future performance rotations.

The year of 2015 was a great one, especially for sneakers. With my fellow Sneaker Historians @TheShoeRestorer and Aaron Nojima giving

With nearly 19 years in the league we'd like to wish the "Black Mamba," a nickname he created, a happy 37th birthday. We

Mike Bibby. What can you say about the former Wildcat? Well, he's definitely one guy with the most awesome Jordan

This time it was the final goodbye. The last time we'll see Michael Jordan and his signature tongue wagging fade-away.

Whether it be the Bulls, Knicks, Hawks, Warriors, Blazers or even now the Clippers, Jamal Crawford always brought his 'A'

What do we know about Michael Finley? He played 15 seasons in the NBA? He was one of the high-flyers in