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A.I. Scores 54 in the Reebok Answer IV to Beat the Raptors

Allen Iverson in the Reebok Answer IV
Allen Iverson in the Reebok Answer IV

The 2000-01 season was a very special one for Allen Iverson, the Philadelphia 76ers, and Reebok. It was the season in which everything came together for the superstar. All-Star MVP, All-NBA First Team, NBA Finals appearance and the year he would become league MVP.

AI showed off his skills and ability to single-handedly lead his team all season long, however, he really shined in the Playoffs. One of the stand-out games was Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The young and rising Toronto Raptors stole Game 1 so the hometown team wanted to make a statement during the second game.

Allen Iverson drives in the Reebok Answer IV
Allen Iverson drives in the Reebok Answer IV

And the one man who had something to prove was Allen Iverson. Laced up in his signature Reebok Answer IV’s he evened the series with one of the best games of the year. Iverson only rested for one minute during the whole game and really scored when it mattered. Dropping 54 points total, he would score 20 in the second quarter and in the fourth scored 19 of the 76ers final 20 points. The starting point guard would shoot 54% from the floor making three shots beyond the arc and all nine of his free throws. He would add five rebounds, four assists and one technical foul to his stat line.

During the series he stated, “I always feel the only person who can stop me is myself.” Sadly, during the Finals the Lakers somehow figured out a stop the momentum of A.I.’s amazing season.


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