Burning Bridges, Riding Around NYC In A Limo With Allen Iverson, and the Importance of Making Your Own Story By Wearing Your Sneakers– Russ Bengtson Interview

Russ Bengtson was one of the first people to write about sneakers, as Editor-In-Chief of SLAM Magazine, he established SLAM KICKS back in the 1990s. He’s written Complex, GQ, Bleacher Report, and more, and is working on his own book. In this interview, he talks about burning bridges, giving away sneakers, the importance of making your own story in your sneakers, and riding around NYC in a limo with Allen Iverson to find a jewelry store to fix AI’s broken diamond-encrusted bracelet.
Russ Bengtson Interview

On this episode of the Sneaker History Podcast, Nick Engvall talks with Russ Bengtson to hear about his journey through sneaker media, beginning with Slam Magazine in the ’90s, starting the legendary Slam Kicks magazine, the early days of buying SB Dunks from Supreme, riding around New York City with Allen Iverson in a limo on the way to finding a jewelry store to fix his diamond bracelet, giving away his sneakers, and burning bridges with the people that don’t reciprocate respect.


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