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Monday night Villanova won their second National Championship title in three seasons. With their season on the line, ‘Nova built upon their lead on Michigan in the second half. Dante DiVincenzo lead the charge with an all-time championship game performance.

Dante provided one electrifying play after another, squashing any momentum the Wolverines could muster. ‘Nova’s basketball pedigree runs deep, the programs ability to develop talent over multiple years was on full display this season (and in 2016). The program historically has produced productive NBA talent and the occasional star. To celebrate Villanova’s commitment to dedication and persistence let’s take a look back at some of their most notable alumni!

7. Josh Hart – Lakers, 2017

LeBron XII PE via USA TODAY Sports

Hart followed the ‘slow and steady’ method of refining his game. His slow grind paid off resulting in a national championship and being selected by the Lakers in the 2017 Draft. Josh has made a nice name for himself running the backup point for Lonzo Ball where he excels as a slasher, shooter and defender. Check the pic below of him rocking a pair of Kobe 9 Elites in a PE shade similar to the Brave Blue release.

Kobe 9 Elite High via USA TODAYSports

6. Kyle Lowry – Raptors, 2006

Jordan Melo 5.5 via Villanova Basketball

Developing into the All-Star caliber talent he is today was gradual for Lowery. He made a name for himself with the Houston Rockets before blossoming into the Kyle Lowery of Toronto. Smart and physically formidable – Kyle is the most successful Villanova alumni since Paul Arizin, whom dominated in the ’50’s with the Philadelphia Warriors. Above, Kyle can be seen dribbling up in court in the slept on Melo 5.5 (which was meant to be a hybrid of the Jordan 5 & 6).

Zoom LeBron III BRED

5. Allan Ray – Boston, 2006

Zoom LeBron II

*Disclaimer: be careful searching for Allen Ray on Google, you’ll probably stumble across his eye injury video. Lowery’s backcourt mate, Allen Ray was a productive player that found a niche for himself playing over seas. His vintage LeBron wears were too sick to leave off the list.

Zoom LeBron III

4. Tim Thomas – Various, 1997

Air Uptempo ’97

A journeyman to the fullest, Tim Thomas played for many teams including the Knicks, Bucks, Bulls and Suns. During his college recruitment process, Thomas was ranked with Kobe Bryant as two of the top prospects in the country. Enjoying only one year as a Wildcat, Thomas would go straight to the NBA before the ‘one and done’ process was implemented. His best season would be with the Suns in which he helped Steve Nash’s squad to the Western Conference Finals by averaging 15 points per-game.

3. Kerry Kittles – Nets, 1996

Air Flight One via Bleacher Report

Kittles was the quintessential ‘solid’ role player in the NBA. His best years would be played alongside Jason Kidd with the New Jersey Nets. The kicks he wore during his Villanova career were exceptional though, enjoying the best Nike Basketball had to offer like the Air Flight One pictured above.

Nike Air 2 Strong


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