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Sneaker Freaker’s and Supra’s “Blue Balls” Collaboration

Sneaker Freaker x Supra Owen "Blue Balls"
Sneaker Freaker x Supra Owen “Blue Balls”

Winner of weirdest nickname that no one wanted to admit to copping went to Sneaker Freaker’s Supra Owen. Part of Sneaker Freaker’s 10 year anniversary collection of sneakers, the second collaboration with Supra in 2012 was not just a friends and family affair. The Owen was more readily available, although not many people were going to admit they were looking forward to “Blue Balls.”

Sneaker Freaker x Supra Owen
Sneaker Freaker x Supra Owen

Always jokesters and ones to have fun, they played with the them of the “Golden Balls” Skytop III made earlier in the year. Regardless of the name, the final product turned out great. The asymmetrical color blocking on the body worked perfectly with the black diamond mesh and bright blue nylon strapping. The SupraFoam speckled sole kept you nice and comfy while a pink heel tab added some additional pop. Completing the sneaker was the special ‘SF X’ insoles seen on every collaboration from the brand that year.

Sneaker Freaker x Supra Owen "Blue Balls" Details
Sneaker Freaker x Supra Owen “Blue Balls” Details

With a few hundred pairs released around the globe at select retailers in December of 2012, finding a pair now means fetching them on the open market. But those looking for “Blue Balls” (HAHA) won’t have to pay insane resell prices for this collaboration.



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