Sample Sunday: Air Jordan 7 Flavors

The Air Jordan 7 is famous for being the shoe’s on the feet of MJ as he dismantled the Portland […]

Nike SB & an Introduction to The Colorways

Let’s perform a social experiment: go outside (get some fresh air) and watch the feet of those that pass by… […]

The Diamond Mine: 10 MLB All-Star Footwear Moments to Remember

Bonus: Barack Obama Shoes: Asics Gel 1110 Year: 2009 Let’s be honest, the Commander-in-Chief isn’t waiting in line on release […]

Throwback Thursday: Nike Blazer Suede “Futura” (2003)

This weeks pair comes from special Nike Artist Series collection of 2003. For a few years Nike gave an opportunity to […]

The King of Granny Shots Turns 71

Rick Barry has had his ups and downs but his basketball career was definitely filled with more of the former. […]

Moore Game Than You

Maya Moore truly resides in a league of her own, regardless of gender. “There’s levels to this -ish” when it […]

Happy B-Day, Ray!

The sweetest jumper in league history belongs to Ray Allen. The machine like consistency of his shooting stroke looked the […]

Revisiting the First Air Max 1 Collaboration From atmos

As we prepare for a remake, it’s appropriate that we look back at, arguably, one of the most important Air Max […]

23 Years Ago Today, Michael Jordan’s “Shrug” Game

23. 23 years ago today Michael Jordan played in Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls […]

The Solution to John Wall’s Sneaker Free Agency

The story of John Wall’s sneakers becoming mainstream news has riled up some of the sneaker community and opened up the eyes of […]

The Man We Love to Hate – Christian Laettner Turns 46

Winner – one that wins: one that is successful especially through praiseworthy ability and hard work b : a victor […]

Did You Grab the Hanon x Puma Dallas “Special Reserve” Pack 5 Years Ago?

It’s already been five years since we saw the Hanon x Puma Dallas “Special Reserve” Pack. For those that don’t […]