J. Cole’s newest album stands for Kicks Over Death, right? Right? Obviously that’s not its true meaning but throughout his career, J. Cole has showcased a solid kick rotation. In an interview with Complex from 2011 Cole admired he’s not particularly a sneakerhead. Growing up he appreciated shoes but always based his selections off of looks, not history. His music has shifted away from materialistic rhymes (he mostly uses them as commentary now, IMO) and his dress style falls into the ‘minimalist’ category. His evolution as a man and artist hasn’t changed his affinity towards Nike & Jordan. Never flashy but always consistent with his kicks, J. Cole tends to gravitate towards classics over newer colorways of poplar Nikes. Lets take a look at some of our favorite kicks he’s worn over the years.

Two of his five major releases feature Cole wearing Jordans. 2014’s Forest Hills Drive has the Air jordan 1 Carmine retro, an under the radar release that drew inspiration from the Jordan 6 Carmine. Using pictures as evidence, we can conclude Cole’s favorite Jordans to rock are the 1’s. The Sideline Story, Jermaine’s first album shows him wearing the 2002 Raptor Air Jordan 7 (it’s hard to make out but they’re not 6’s).

When The Source highlighted Cole they wanted to give readers a visual of the different styles he can pull off, both in fashion and music. The ‘streetwear’ Cole is wearing the 2013 Air jordan 13 Bred that lacked 3m uppers (photo circa 2014).

via Complex

Some will remember Jermaine balling during the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in a pair of Concord Air Jordan 11’s but here we see him on stage in the same shoe from back in 2011-2012.

via Vibe

If there’s one shoe Cole particularly loves then it’s the Chicago Air Jordan 1. Pictured above is the 2013 pair but he’s been seen on tour, court-side and on the streets in the timeless Jordan 1. The Bred Jordan 1 also sees a lot of foot time.

via HipHopDX

Short hair and clean 3’s… The Black Cement Jordan 3 sits atop the shoe hierarchy. Again, simple shoe choices paired with simple outfits have always defined Cole’s look.

via SoleCollector

Cole performing in the 2015 iteration of the Chicago 1. Gym shorts, high socks and Jays are a reoccurring theme with the North Carolina (turned New York) native.

via SoleCollector
via SoleCollector

In his music video, ATM, Cole can be found in the Air Money and the LeBron x Kith LBJ XV showing that he’s been keeping up with recent shoe trends along with classics. What do you think of his new album now that we’ve all had time to listen to it a couple times? would you rock any of his ‘fits? Tell us on IG and in the comments section below!

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