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Happy 24th Mike Trout!

Mike Trout in Nike Lunar Vapor Trout
Mike Trout in Nike Lunar Vapor Trout

Considered by many the best player in baseball, the Angels’ Mike Trout turns an ancient 24 years old today. The 25th pick of the 2009 MLB Draft, Trout has been tearing it up since joining the majors. The unanimous 2012 Rookie of the Year has quickly become one of the faces of the league. With only a few seasons under his belt, he has broken plenty of records and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

Mike Trout with Nike Lunar Vapor Trout
Mike Trout with Nike Lunar Vapor Trout

With that much momentum behind him it was no surprise that Trout would be the leading athlete of Nike Baseball. So much so that Nike blessed him with his own signature sneaker cleat last year, the Lunar Vapor Trout. It was the first signature Nike baseball model since some guy named Ken Griffey Jr.–Derek Jeter doesn’t count since he is under Jordan Brand. Trout and Nike wanted to focus on performance, even though the exterior gets plenty of attention.  The Lunar-based model was “designed for the directional speed needed to steal more bases, get to more balls in the outfield, and get out of the batter’s box quickly.” Along with the footwear, Nike also produced Trout accessories like gloves and caps.

Not too bad for a 24-year-old. Ohhh yeah during his first two seasons Trout blasted homers during his birthday. So the Baltimore Orioles might want to pitch around him tonight. Happy birthday Mr. Trout.

2014 All-Star Game - Nike Lunar Vapor Trout "Trout"
2014 All-Star Game – Nike Lunar Vapor Trout “Trout”

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