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A Decade Old, the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Bandaid”

Nike SB Dunk Low "Bandaid" Photo via solepanda23
Nike SB Dunk Low “Bandaid” Photo via solepanda23

If you are a Nike SB fan then you know that different time periods are easily identified by the color of their boxes. The original standard Nike orange boxes and first edition silver boxes kicked off the brand, but the pink box era was when the hype really grew. Sneakers like the Tiffs and J-Packs were just some of the standouts released but there were plenty of colorways that flew under the radar as well, including the “Bandaids.”

Nike SB Dunk Low "Bandaid"
Nike SB Dunk Low “Bandaid”

Sometimes referred to as the Gino III, the “Bandaid” Dunk Lows were made to resemble the standard bandaid in your medicine cabinet. The upper was created using a mix of suede along with both smooth and perforated leather. Specifically the panels on the quarter and toe were very close to the texture of a bandaid. A small sliver of blue along with red on the heel and tongue branding, along with laces to help it stand out even more. The dark midsole/outsole combination was also a unique look to the Dunk that wasn’t always used. Not hyped like many of the other sneakers released during that time, this clean colorway still looks good ten years later.


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