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Andre Agassi Wins The Australian Open in the Nike Air Challenge LWP

Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras 1995 Australian Open
Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras 1995 Australian Open

As a Agassi fan its hard to admit but the Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras rivalry was pretty one sided, especially when it mattered. For their lifetime Sampras’ record was 20-14 and in the five Grand Slam Finals 4-1. But in Melbourne, Australia January 29th, 1995 Andre was victorious. 1995 was a year of a lot of success for him as a player and he did so rocking a pair of Nike Air Challenge LWP (Light Weight Performance). The LWP lineup was a success from the basketball court to the tennis court. Even MJ gave it his approval. Agassi went as far as to take the lightweight approach to the fullest extent shaving his head, much to the surprise of the world. Okay maybe he didn’t shave it due to the shoes and his then-wife Brooke Shields telling him to ditch the wigs and Bic his balding head. But regardless the new look, new gear for the 1995 season were all part of his success. Things were on the upswing that year and the victory at the Australian over Sampras one of the biggest moments of his career. Maybe it was because he shaved his head, maybe it was competing at the Australian Open for the first time, maybe it was the Air Challenge LWP’s. Whatever it was, Andre had a killer year, the first and only time he reached #1 ranking in the world and his fans rejoiced.

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