Have you ever walked into your favorite sneaker store to have a shoe catch your eye because it reminds you of another silhouette? Some say that ‘shoe x’ is just a cheap knock-off of the model with all the hype surrounding it. I have to admit that I was one of those sneaker collectors who subscribed to this belief. It wasn’t until recently that I realized this train of thought was very simple-minded and completely wrong. It’s your money, you gotta wear ’em… buy what you like! Lets take a look at some recent consolation prices that are worth a cop regardless of hype.


‘Gym Red’ Air Jordan 1 OG High Retro

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News
Photo Courtesy of Hypebeast

Since the average person may not have access to such limited releases, these are the perfect consolation prize to look and feel fresh. Clearly, that’s why we all got into sneakers in the first place – it’s always been about staying fresh. One of the most recent examples of this would be the release of the “Gym Red” Jordan 1. This sneaker released in a very similar color scheme to the “Not for Resale” 1s. Because of this, someone who can’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on the more limited model can get something with the same feel to it.


‘Bred’ Air Jordan Six Rings

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The more you look through the shelves, the more of these sneakers you’ll find. I know that every sneakerhead is familiar with the Jordan 6 Rings model (for better or for worst). This particular sneaker does a great job at capturing some of the most iconic colors of the Air Jordan 11. Patent leather, color blocking, tone… it’s all there. The difference, this sneaker is way more accessible than its predecessor. Plus, how many times have you gone to your preferred retailer to find this particular sneaker under retail. You can’t beat that! Especially with the rising costs of the Jordan 11, it’s difficult for everyone to justify $225.


More Consolation Prizes

I can go on with many examples of sneakers that take cues from more popular models, but still actually can stand on their own. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes as sneakerheads we look past some pretty dope general releases. Here are a few of my favorite look-a-likes:

Jordan 11 IE “Space Jam”

Photo Courtesy of Sole Collector

This is one of the latest examples of taking an icon and transitioning to a different model. This low takes the key components of the original Space Jam 11 to give you a more summer-friendly take on the original mids.

adidas Crazy BYW LVL 1 and 2

Photo Courtesy of Kicks on Fire
Photo Courtesy of Nice Kicks

Have you ever wanted an adidas Y-3 sneaker, but not want to spend your entire paycheck? Well, these are the way to go! These futuristic pairs will definitely break necks. The Crazy BYWs are also pairs that you can find for under retail in most sneaker shops.


Nike AF1-Type

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

This deconstructed silhouette takes heavy inspiration from the hypebeast favorite Off-Whites. This particular make-up removes the swoosh and adds on some very unfinished details. Again, this particular pair doesn’t carry that same hype of the Off-Whites, but it definitely carries some of the same DNA and swag.


Jordan 1 Mid “White/Black/Gold” and Jordan 1 Low “Gold-Toe”

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Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

These two releases mirror two very popular of recent history, bring the “Gold Toe” and “Top-3 Gold Toe”. Since these were very limited, why not test your luck with these released mids and soon to release lows.

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