How many of the new limited sneakers have you been able to get your hands on?

How many “Ls” have you taken with each attempt?

I may get a mix of answers to this question with anger or joy outwardly expressed. For those who haven’t had great luck as of late, it looks like that could be turning around. As I was combing through StockX and GOAT this week I found some hype releases for some decent prices! One sneaker that caught my eye at a solid price point was the Lebron 16 SuperBron. This highly sought after sneaker was listed for $169 in my size, a price actually lower than what I saw it for in one of my latest Nike Factory Store runs.

Photo Courtesy of Hypebeast

Considering how crazy the resale market can get for popular sneakers, this looked like a steal to me. Especially since other third-party resell sites were listing the SuperBrons for about $100 more. This price point makes me think the resell market may have overestimated the hype and demand associated with these sneakers.

With the resell market becoming so powerful, is it easier, or even smarter to wait until after the release to secure your coveted sneaker? Yes, in certain occasions.

This way you can avoid the lines and soul-crushing messages from the SNKRS app. I personally believe that these third-party resell outlets work perfectly in conjunction with the sneaker manufacturers – at least for the sneaker community. With that being said I want to help out my fellow sneaker collectors and pick out my top 5 finds on these sites:

5. Air Jordan Retro VI Infrared

Photo Courtesy of Hypebeast

I was able to find this iconic sneaker listed on StockX for prices ranging from $215 to $255. Being a Jordan retro, these are a must-have for many collectors. Plus, if you missed out on the release, this is a perfect time to pick them up.

4. adidas UltraBOOST 2019

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

The new entry in the UltraBOOST line can be found BELOW retail on GOAT in the Oreo colorway. Prices ranged between $120-$170. I’d call that a steal!

3. Nike PG3 NASA

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

You can never go wrong with a NASA themed colorway, and all sneakerheads know it. The PG3 NASA is currently sitting at StockX for a great pricse in Men’s sizes 8-12. You’ll find them ranging from $120-$159.


2. Nike Adapt BB

Photo Courtesy of StockX

Although I’m not a fan of this sneaker, I must recognize a deal when I see it. I’m truly surprised that these are decently priced (taking in to account retail is $350) especially with all the hype surrounding them. You can find this self-lacing sneaker on both StockX and GOAT for prices averaging $420-$480

1. Nike LeBron 16 Watch the Throne

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

We all knew these would fly off of the shelves once they released. I never would have guessed that they would be sitting at reasonable prices though! This sneaker paying homage to the original LeBron 9 Watch the Throne is definitely a pair that collectors will be clamoring to get their hands on especially when they are listed on StockX for $228-$288.

 Have you found any good values on the resell market? Let us know in the comments.

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