This weekend’s triumphant return of the Air Jordan 6 Infrared has been on our collective radars since mid-2018. In recent weeks hype for the Infrareds has hit a fever pitch with influences, athletes, musicians all marketing the shoe alongside Jordan Brand’s (well executed) social media campaigns. The Infrareds this time around are being touted as a classic above over other Air Jordan classics, which is cool because they are extremely important to Michael’s legacy. For those of you unfamiliar with the black Infrareds history the shoes were first worn by Michael during the 1991 NBA All-Star Game and he’d continue to rock them throughout the remainder of the regular season and in the ’91 Playoffs. The rest is history, literally, the Bulls overcame Magic Johnson’s Lakers squad in route to Michael’s first NBA Finals MVP and Championship! Jordan’s triumph over Magic signaled MJ’s true arrival as the league’s best player and it all happened in the distinctly unique Air Jordan 6.

Jordan having a moment with his first championship.

This weekend’s retro of the Infrareds in true OG fashion AKA with ‘Nike Air’ branding got us thinking about the other Infrareds… the white Infrareds!

Sketch of the White Infrareds

All the Air Jordan 6 love goes to the Carmines and Infrareds resulting in the White Infrareds getting left by the wayside (we’re not couting the Maroons & Sport Blues because they’ve recently been retro’ed for the first time ever). It makes no sense to us, why would the white leather version of a Top-5 Jordan get so little respect? We wanted to show some love to the ‘other’ Infrareds and take a look back at each release of these underrated kicks. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the history lesson!

MJ in the White Infrareds in-game vs. the Knicks.

1991, OG

OG White Infrareds with original packaging.

The Air Jordan 6 White Infrared first dropped in 1991 alongside 4 other colorways and was designed by Tinker Hatfield. Priced at a reasonable $125.00 upon release the White Infrareds featured all the newest tech under the sun like perforated uppers, ankle support, molded pull tabs, external heel Air and lace locks.

A classic Air Jordan ad.

2010, Retro

2010 Retro.

It took almost 20 years but the White Infrareds returned in retro form in 2010 with some minor changes to the original. The ’10s have black lace locks, Jumpman heel branding, and a brighter shade of infrared.

2010, Infrared Pack

2010 ‘Infrared Pack’ with both versions of the shoe in one set!

What’s really wild about the Infrared Pack is the MSRP price tag of only $310.00! When was the last time you saw a Jordan Retro priced at $155 per pair (it’s been like 8 years, FYI)? This double pack also featured Jumpman branding on the heel and a shade of infrared much darker than the other 2010 retro.

2014, New School

Air Jordan 6 ‘White Infrared’ 2014 retro.

The latest release of the classic White Infrared released about five years ago and we haven’t heard much since. The 2014 retro used the brightest shade of infrared to date that makes them look more like hot pink. A lot of Jordan fans will note this version’s plastic-y feeling synthetic leather and they’d be right – it didn’t feel great, but it looked darn good.

Do you have love for the White Infrareds? Are you looking for Jordan Brand to retro them again? Tell us in the comments section below!



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