Many sneakers have come along and left lasting impressions on the sneaker culture, but few like these…

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In recent history a collection that stands out the most is the Nike All-Star pack of 2012 (better known as the Galaxy Pack). These sneakers brought so much positive energy to Nike Basketball! Consisting of the LeBron 9, Kobe 7, KD 4, and the most coveted of all, the Foamposite One. This collect featured out of this world colorways (literally) that drove the masses to rare levels of anticipation and hype. I personally remember trying to snag any pair of these four sneakers and catching my first “L” ( the first one is the roughest). This interstellar collection elevated sneaker culture to a whole new level. They brought out the veteran sneakerheads and created new ones at the same time. But with the good, comes the bad and… unnecessary.

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The hype surrounding the Galaxy Foamposite One was so massive that riots ensued upon release due to their limited quantity. Riots are definitely not something we want to see in the culture, but seeing that type of hype behind basketball sneakers was impressive. I mean there was a report of someone who actually offered to trade their car for a pair of these – that should tell you how bad people wanted these.  This sneaker was so limited and coveted that they can’t be found for any less than $1,000 on the resell market. Some have even dubbed this sneaker as “the most important drop of the 21st century”. There were three other silhouettes included in this pack, the Air Force Max, Air Flight One and Dunk High. Although not as hyped as the signature sneakers and the foams, these sneakers were still amazing. The Galaxy Dunks were my consolation prize after missing out on the signature models, and I couldn’t be happier to have them in my collection. Because of this collection, space and galaxy themed sneakers have become an instant hit on just about any sneaker they cover.

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Even now, we have seen a Foamposite One “Big Bang” release along with the upcoming retro of the Zoom Rookie in the Galaxy colorway. Heck, Paul George has even jumped on the trend with the recent release of the NASA PG3. That’s right you guessed it, they flew off of shelves. It seems like people are mesmerized by space and galaxy themes, and sneakerheads are just as captivated by space-themed sneakers too. Do you have a pair of Galaxy kicks in the closet?

Kobe throwing it down in the Kobe 7 “All-Star”. Photo Courtesy of SLAM
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