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ASICS Salmon Toe by Ronnie FIeg

Where’d the ASICS Go?

Patta x ASICS

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

Do you remember 2011, when retro runners were becoming the must have item for sneakerheads everywhere. Any place you looked there was a new colorway or “hot” new collaboration releasing on some of these models, and ASICS was the brands that seemed to be leading the way.

ASICS Salmon Toe Ronnie Fieg

Photo Courtesy of Hypebeast


Photo Courtesy of AFEW

One of, if not the biggest, the reasons for this surge in popularity would be Kith owner, fashion designer, and sneaker collaborator, Ronnie Fieg. With such coveted projects like the Gel Lyte III “Leatherbacks” and “Salmon Toes”, it was easy to see how ASICS became such a household name in the sneaker community. Even outside of the collaborations, the brand created a high quality sneaker (both general release and limited projects) that sneakerheads claim to always be on the hunt for. ASICS became such a sought after brand at one point that even your favorite big box sneaker store began carrying multiple models, including those who were receiving the collaboration treatment. It was such an amazing time in sneakers! Seeing a less spoken about brand having such a moment, and at one point it looked like it would never end.

Leatherback ASICS by Ronnie Fieg

Photo Courtesy of Sole Collector


Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News

Although ASICS looked as though they would sustain, the trend of the classic runner seemed to be fading a bit, and being replace with different trend (chunky “Dad” shoes for example). At this point this brand started to be placed in the back of the sneaker community’s collective mind. It has even gotten to the point that ASICS inventory in the previously mentioned big box stores have dwindled to next to nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some ASICS-heads still out there showing love to the brand, it’s just not having the mass appeal it did in years past. Even though they aren’t in the forefront of the sneaker world , ASICS is still putting out some very nice projects. One of my personal favorites as of late was the much slept on “Welcome to the Dojo” pack, specifically the Gel Diablo. I truly hope this brand does not fall into the shadows. With fashion and sneaker trends repeating over time, I’m guessing that ASICS will have their moment again…hopefully sooner than later.

ASICS Gel Diablo "Welcome to the Dojo"

A shot of my personal pair of “Welcome to the Dojo” Gel Diablo

ASICS GEL-Lyte III Bandana Pack

My non-collab “Bandana Pack”…one of my favorites

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  • K-Slay-Nay
    February 15, 2019

    I had to cop the Asics-Atmos World Map Gel Lyte III twice cause I wanted to keep a pair fresh

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