The two time reigning league champions Chicago Bulls and newly formed (via league expansion) Orlando Magic got themselves into one heck of a duel exactly 26 years ago today.

The main combatants were none other than the Black Cat himself, Michael Jordan and rookie phenom Shaquille O’Neal.

MJ totaled 64 points in a viscous onslaught of offensive greatness; but young Diesel held his own and displayed what he’d be capable of for years and years to come. Baby Shaq put up a gaudy 29 point 24 rebound game. Who do you think won?

… the Orlando Magic!! In overtime fashion too, their 128-124 victory came pre-Penny Hardaway so it was truly a remarkable win. Both players wore their respective signature shoes with MJ in the Air Jordan 7 and Shaq in his brand new Reebok Shaq Attaq. Many would assume since it was ’93 that Michael would be wearing the Air Jordan 8, but it didn’t release until February; so he wore the Air Jordan 7 Cardinal. Shaq, the recent prime-time signee by Reebok had his signature shoe debut right out of the gate. The Shaq Attaqs are one of the greatest Reebok hoops shoes ever ranking up there with the likes of AI’s Question and The Pump. Which shoes would you rather have, the Cardinal AJ7s or the Home Shaq Attaqs?

Reebok Shaq Attaq
Air Jordan 7 Cardinal

Watch some highlights for yourself self below and peepthe excellence that was early ’90s basketball!

As an aside, if you watch this video for a few minutes you’re see the degree of difficulty, and variation of moves MJ displays en route to his 64 piece nugget. There’s been a lot of talk about how James Harden is the best offensive iso scorer ever, or of recent memory… stop, just stop (Steven A Smith voice). People sound silly when they say stuff like that.

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