Fun fact readers, the Nike SB line is old, like maybe even older than you are at this point. Throughout the division’s rich history imagination has been the catalyst for some wild sneakers. Anything and everything is up for grabs when it comes to SB inspiration – it could be a beer or a TV character, a super hero or a country… nothing is safe from becoming an SB Dunk… not even a group of bears.

Lil’ Wayne in the Mama Bears
Travis Scott in the Papa Bears

A group of the most outlandish Dunks came in 2006 with the release of the Medicom Bearbricks inspired Three Little Bears pack. When these three released they sat on shelves but now, they’re some of the most sought after Dunks around. Obviously the classic fairytale about that little blond girl going into some bears’ house, eating their food and taking a nap is where the name of these shoes came from (the little burglar got into all their beds! SMH). These Black Box Era SBs all feature synthetic hair on the quarter, mid foot and toe box making them realllly hard to miss when you see them. Each height of shoe represents a different bear family member; it would be fun to possibly see Nike SB refresh the Three Bears with height changes like the De La Souls, and Californias. Take yourself to Dunk School and familiarize yourself with some pictures of each pair below, enjoy!


Nike SB Dunk High Papa Bear

Blue and orange


Nike SB Dunk Mid Mama Bear

Lime and Pink


Nike SB Dunk Low Baby Bear

Blue and light green

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