Micheal Jordan totaled so many accolades throughout his career that a table of contents is needed to organize them. With everything from scoring titles to league championships under his belt some feats become forgotten, like today’s topic. Exactly eighteen years ago today (18 years, that’s wild to think about, huh?) MJ became the fourth player to break the 30,000 career point threshold with a pair of free throws. He joined Kareem, Karl (Malone) and Wilt as the only players at the time to crack the 30k mark, but Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe and LeBron have joined the party too. What’s crazy is that Jordan didn’t play nearly as many games as other 30k club members – he retired twice in his prime so it’s not a stretch to imagine MJ hitting the 30k point mark much earlier in his career if he didn’t habitually retire. Regardless of circumstances his spot in the exclusive club was well deserved… you know, since he’s a prolific scorer ‘n’ all.

Mike at Wizards practice.

Michael rocked the criminally underrated Air Jordan XVII en route to his 30,000th point in the Wizards friendly color way of white/royal/ black/ silver. These XVIIs released to the public in 2001 with a silver briefcase (talk about premium packaging). Like the Jordan XVI, the XVII featured a removable shroud (MJ broke the 30k threshold without the cover on), a design choice that is either loved or hated by Jordan collectors. The XVII was inspired by Jordan’s love for jazz, musical notes can be found printed on the shroud cover and the shoe’s came with a CD of jazz music!

Air Jordan XVII packaging.

Peep Mike joining the 30k club below and enjoy some pics of the Air Jordan XVII. Are you a fan of this model or do you disregard it because it’s “a Jordan model after XIV”?


Air Jordan XVII ‘College Blue’, a confusing name for the shade of blue because MJ’s college, UNC, wears powder blue/ baby blue.
Heel view of the XVII.
The point that earned MJ 30,000 career points vs the Bulls on January 4, 2001.
Outsole view of the XVII vs the Knicks in early 2001.
That patented move… that Kobe emulated.


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