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Air Jordan 10 Chicago

Respect the Jordan 10


Air Jordan 10 Chicago

Photo from Instagram: Madwach3r789


The year was 1994, and Jordan Brand released the tenth model in their beloved collection in the “Shadow” colorway. At the age of 5 years old, this would be the first pair of Jordans I would ever receive, and would also be the shoe I credit for fueling my love for all things sneakers. Although you can clearly see my emotional connection and bias towards this model, I believe that the Jordan 10 doesn’t receive the proper respect among sneakerheads.


Air Jordan 10 Shadow

Photo Courtesy of Nike


Considering the history of this sneaker, the X (10), seems to be just an afterthought among the original collection of I- XV (but thankfully, not nearly as disrespected as the II). I’m not completely sure what the reason is for the lack of love or where it stems from, because this sneaker was apart of two of the biggest moments in both NBA and sneaker history alike. First off, it was the shoe that Michael Jordan laced up after that famous fax stating, “I’m Back”. It’s the comeback shoe! How can that not alone make the X a more beloved model? To add even more shine to, what I think is an amazing sneaker, is the “Double Nickel” game in the Garden while wearing the “Chicago” colorway. A legendary performance, by a legendary player, in a legendary arena…doesn’t that add more value to the sneaker? And yet, the answer still seems to be no.


Michael Jordan in the Air Jordan 10

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News


It can’t be due to the design on the shoe or the colorways produced, because this model graced us with such makeups as The City Pack, Steel Grey, and Linen. Such classic colors on a clean shoe. I’ve always heard the sneaker community saying that if they released the City Pack again it would be an “Instant Cop”, but if that was the case, why am I still able to find Orlando Xs sitting everywhere?


Air Jordan 10 Team Colorways

Photo Courtesy of Kicks on Fire


So the only conclusion I can draw it that the X was overshadowed by its successor…the XI. The XI was thrust upon the world when Jordan made his playoff debut in his comeback season, and the rest is history. Maybe the lack of love is due to the fact that the X was only on the court for a short period of time before being cast to the side for the newer, more innovative model. Regardless of the reason, I think sneakerheads should re-evaluate their thoughts on the Jordan 10, and give this model the respect they deserve.

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