Joel Embiid has a big personality that matches his massive frame and the world cannot get enough of him. He’s personable, funny and competitive – no matter the sound bite Embiid is always about his business on the court. Injuries plagued his career early but this year it looks like he’s healthy and ready to wreck the league. His generational talent allows him to body defenders inside and drain jumpers on and of the dribble from the perimeter; on top of that he’s an absolute beast on defense. His skills have treated his pocket book right via endorsements too. When he first entered the league Joel signed with Adidas in a natural continuation from his college days at Kansas (they’re one of the biggest Adidas schools in the NCAA). It felt like Joel was en route to a signature shoe solely off of his persona but his injuries must have played some kind of factor in Adidas bypassing a signature shoe for one of the league’s best young players. So at the start of the 2018-19 season Embiid signed a multi-year deal with Under Armour to be another key face to their brand alongside Steph Curry. It’s safe to say Embiid is the second biggest NBA player on their roster. His 76ers squad is one of the most exciting teams to watch and their success has been spearheaded by Embiid’s MVP caliber play.

The go-to shoe for Joel so far has been the Under Armour HOVR Havoc. Both lows and mids have been on his feet but it seems as though he prefers the mids more; we wonder why he hasn’t worn any Curry kicks yet. Does UA want to keep his line exclusively on his feet? It’s not crazy to think Embiid will soon have his own signature shoe per the quote he gave Nick DePaula above.


Check out Embiid in action below and tell us if his signing has made you more incline to buy UA kicks.

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