Being Thanksgiving week a vast majority of us will be prepping some nice turkeys for mass consumption. Turkey’s place as the official mascot (does it count as a mascot if you eat it? We don’t know, you tell us.) of Thanksgiving results in other quality meats being left by the wayside. Here at Sneaker History we’ve implemented a strict ‘meat equality’ mandate that prevents us from consuming turkey exclusively; with that said, we’ve picked our 5 favorite pig themed Nike kicks. Also PSA to our readers, the U.S.D.A (U.S. Department of Agriculture) has recalled a ton of turkey products due to contamination so be careful in these Thanksgiving streets. If your lifestyle permits then get down on some sweet pig!

2017: Year of the Pig Dunk

Nike always goes hard in the Chinese New Year paint and the Year of the Pig didn’t disappoint one bit. Dope Chinese style pig graphics on one of the lateral heels is accompanied by a Chinese (-ish, they actually just say ‘Pig’ all fancy) character on the other. Varying hues and textures of pink rounds out this traditional pork favorite, shout out to pork fried rice.

2013: SB When Pigs Fly Dunk

We’ve all heard “I’ll believe ____ when pigs fly” at some point in our life and Nike took that concept and ran with it. Beautifully supple pink suede dresses 95% of these bangers, and white & blue accents symbolize the sky. The story telling on these are on point, execution is on point, overall these are on pork (on point).

2004: DQM x Nike Bacon

OGs in the sneaker game are all too familiar with Dave’s Quality Meats, the New York deli style streetwear shop that has since closed but left a huge impact on storefront execution, quality and overall retail experiences. The founders, Dave Ortiz and Chris Keeffe have achieved super-O.G. status within the streetwear world and these Air Max 90s are easily the stores greatest collab. The shoes were made to look like raw sliced pork belly – genius. Dave’s Quality Meats bridged the gap between mainstream footwear, skate culture and Hip-Hop culture. All these pop-up shops need to pay respects to DQM’s greatness.

2013: Nike Air H.A.M.

Get it? Nike Air H.A.M. in a post about pig shoes, genius. H.A.M. stands for Hyperfuse Air Max and the three technologies work in harmony to create an incredibly solid performer. Designed for outdoor play, the H.A.Ms use XDR traction to keep players from slipping on blacktop surfaces. Combining Hyperfuse (breathability), Air Max (cushioning) and XDR (traction) in a $95 package made these fly under the radar, but by no means are they a bad pair of shoes. These kicks are Hard Asa Motherf$*#& (shout out to Jay-Z & Kayne’s Watch The Throne).

2014: Air Bakin’

Air Bakin’… Air Bacon… yeah, you get it. Porky the Pig signature joints right here.




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