The NBA’s All-Star festivities stand as one of the best exhibition spectacles in North American Sports. Think about it: football’s Pro-Bowl Game in Hawaii gets as many views as Food Network at 4am, and MLB’s All-Star Weekend does a fine job at creating stakes but the game itself underwhelms. In recent years the NBA’s All-Star Weekend hasn’t delivered very interesting games. The nature of exhibition play dilutes physicality (and effort) but now-a-days All-Star Sunday Night serves as a pull-up 3 battle royal. Lets take a look back to one of the best All-Star Weekends since 2000 – the Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant lead 2002 game. Boy, do we wish the NBA would bring back teams wearing their respective uniforms instead of cash grab All-Star uniforms, the overall effect just looked so cool!

Location: Philly
Winner: Western Conference
Score: 135-120
MVP: Kobe Bryant (LAL); 31 its, 5 rebounds, 5 assists

Kobe, Payton, Steve Franchise, Timmy, KG, C-Webb, Steve Nash, Dirk, Elon Brand, WALLY!!, Peja, Steve Nash and Shaq.

Steve Nash: Nike JetFlight; Kobe: Adidas Kobe II, Gary Payton: Nike Payton IV, Steve Francis: Reebok X Beam

MJ, AI, Ray Allen, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, B-Diddy, T-Mac, J-Kidd, Zo, Antoine Walker, Jermaine O’Neal, Paul Pierce, and Mutombo.

Ray Allen: Nike Ultra Flight; MJ: Jordan 17 Low; Iverson: Reebok Answer V, Jason Kidd: Nike Shox Stunner.

Tracy McGrady- Adidas T-Mac

That. T-Mac. Dunk. Wow.

Tim Duncan – Nike Duncan 2
Adidas Kobe 2
Kevin Garnett – And1 KG 1
Gary Payton – Nike Payton IV
Chris Webber – DaDa CDubbz
Antoine Walker – Adidas Pro Model


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