Legends exist to mystify, entertain and stimulate minds. Dracula, Robin Hood, King Arthur are classic examples of legends. In 2013 Jordan released their own legend – the Legends of Summer Air Jordan Retro pack made for Justin Timberlake. For Jay-Z and Timberlake’s appropriately titled Legends of Summer Tour Jordan released these red beauties via scavenger hunt. At various tour stops clues were released via Instagram and when people figured out the hints they would stumble upon these legends. Since they never released to the public each pair garners serious dollars on the secondary market. The cheapest pair will set you back at least $8,000 easy. Hype over the shoes might have told JB that Justin can could move units and build excitement over possible releases as we’ve now seen Jordan x J.Timberlake Jordan 3’s release (and continue to release). For #MJmonday lets take a look back at the LOS (Legends Of Summer) pack one-by-one, enjoy!

Which one would you pick?

Jordan 1

The Jordan 1 LOS came in three variations: sparkle, suede/ snake and black/silver 3m. Another detail you might have noticed is the lining – some are white and some are all red. The white lining are for F&F (Friends & Family) while the red lining pairs were released in the scavenger hunt.

Russ and Bun B both wearing the 3m Jordan 1 LOSs.

Jordan 2

Jeremy Guthrie in the Jordan 2 Legends Of Summer at the ESPYs.

The Jordan 2 Legends of Summer easily loss the most luxurious much like the model’s OGs from ’86.

Jordan 3

Timberlake wearing the LOS 3’s on stage.

PJ Tucker’s on-foot LOS 3’s. His kick game is next level.

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