What’s your flavor, tell me what’s your flavor (shouts to Craig David, lol)? Since football OTAs are starting across the country we thought it would be fun to show some love to the cleat side of the shoe industry. Our focus will be on Colt’s great, Marvin Harrison, whom rocked some insane PEs in his playing days. He lead the league in every major reception category at some point in his career; be it receptions or touchdowns (as examples). He’s on a stupid amount of receiving records with the likes of Jerry Rice, T.O. and Chris Carter, and currently sets behind only Rice in total career receiving yards. The Syracuse football alumni was the definition of consistency and his partnership with Payton Manning is regarded as one of the best QB x WR combinations in league history.

Jordan had Marvin laced in various Colts themed retros throughout his career. We’re going to do something fun today, we’re going to match a pair of Jordan PEs with a statical highlight of Marvin’s career. Tell us in the comments section online (and on Instagram) which pair you’d like to see released as a normal street shoe!

Games Played: 190

Look at those two, look at that passion. These Jordan 14’s in Carolina Blue are easily the most swaggy Marvin Harrison PEs. They look a lot like 1999’s ‘Carolina’ Jordan 14’s. What’s nuts is that they’re not ‘turf’ed’.

Total Receptions: 1,102

What’s more crazy: Jordan 13 PEs or wearing normal looking hoops shoes on the gridiron? In a ‘bred’-like manor these 13’s feature a royal mudguard and heel. Really though, how many straight up retros have you seen worn in the NFL?

Receiving Statistics: 14,580 total yards; 13.2 yard-per-reception

Think of these like an ‘oreo’ color scheme mixed with a ‘black cement’ look. They don’t scream “Colts” in terms of looks but there’s no doubt that these Jordan 3’s go hard.

Receiving Touchdowns: 128

The Jordan 3 saw a lot of action during Marvin’s 13 year NFL career. Here we see two versions of a black & blue with the bottom featuring a extra midsole protection. The top picture looks uncomfortable- where does the cushioning go?

Top Accolades: x8 Pro-Bowl, x3 1st-team All-Pro

It’s hard to tell if that’s 3m on the upper of these 13 Lows, but none the less this pair pops.

Super Bowl XLI Champion

Though Marvin wore Jordans most of his career, during the Colt’s Super Bowl run he wore Reeboks. Pictured above he’s seen wearing the Reebok Pump in a football cleat variant.


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