We’re going to spice everyone’s Tuesday up with a little Amar’e Stoudemire #TBT action! Most people forget Nike laced Amar’e up with some beautiful PEs and some signature shoes  that have flown under the radar.

From his rookie year to his last in the NBA Stoudemire always rocked Nike (and the occasional pair of Jordans). The ‘Force’ line fit Amar’e’s size and style of play perfectly. Classic Force shoes found their way onto Stat’s feet like the Air Force 180 and Air Force Max. Air Max would also be a featured tech in everything Amar’e (minus the occasional on-court Huarache Trainer), being such a veracious dunker and athlete the added bounce/ cushioning provided by Air Max was a must. You had to be a fan of the shoe game and the NBA during Stoudemire’s prime to really appreciate what he brought to the table. With that said, lets educate those unfortunate souls that never got to see Amar’e’s kick game in full effect!

PE Game Strong

Outside of Thabo, I can’t recall any other NBA player rocking trainers in-game but for a full season Amar’e basically wore Huarache Trainers. Believe it or not, the shoe actually hoops well (I had a pair) they really could do everything.


Air Max Sweep Through ‘Christmas’ PE

Fit for Christmas Day.


Air Total Force Max

Is that an Air Max 97 cushioning system?!


The Air Force Operate 

The Air Force Operate informally served as a PE for Amar’e though it didn’t formally bear his name. So many PEs of this shoe released under the STAT umbrella.


Nike SC Trainer x LeBron 7 

Here’s a unicorn for you. As mentioned above Amar’e loved wearing trainers on court. Nike accommodated him the best way possible by slapping on some LeBron 7 tooling, making the trainers even more court ready.



No introduction needed, dressed in a simple Suns colorway.


Hyperize PE

Amar’e along with KD made up a lot of this shoe’s marketing scheme.


Hyperdunk ’08 PE


Foampiste Lite PE

We call these right here heaters. 


Air Max Fly By


Signature Shoes

Above you can see some very basic, unreleased signature shoes’s made for Stat. Good thing these didn’t release, they look like they were made in 1998.

The Air Force Max Stat and Stat 360. Pictured are the All-Star editions of both shoes. These haven’t aged too well but the design is nice. We can see elements of the Force line in full effect here with Air Max and straps. The Stat 2 featured an Air Max 360 tooling set up which oddly enough works with the design. What do you guys think?


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