Jordan Brand’s retro releases succeed because of great designs (obviously), but the art of story telling is even more important. They’ve mastered equating legacy with iconic moments and silhouettes – take Shaq as an example. We know he won the 2006 NBA Championship with Miami; that moment added to Shaq’s overall legacy… but does anyone know what shoes he wore? NO. Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks upset LeBon’s Miami Heat in 2011 to win it all – huge, massive, legacy moment… and I think he wore Hyperdunks? Michael Jordan is completely different, we know every opponent he defeated in the Finals and which shoes he wore almost instinctively (if you follow shoes/sports). Jordan Brand has wrapped performance with storytelling and dipped it in magic; resulting in an unlimited supply of shoe selling stories.

New stories apart from Michael’s actual playing performances have been a popular theme in recent years. One of the best executions of storytelling and design since 2010 was 2013’s Fear Pack. The trifecta comprised of the Air Jordan III, IV & V drew inspiration from 2008’s Become Legendary campaign. Fear of failure fueled Michael to become the best; what does that have to do with the three beautiful choices in color schemes? No one knows, but they’re all on the darker end of the spectrum which provides a spooky, fearful, feel. In insoles feature the following:

“I’m scared of what I won’t become, and you’re scared of what I could become”

Checkout the commercial the pack was inspired by below and some pics of each shoe below!

The Jordan III featured a new color, “night stadium” which can be best described as a dusty grayish-black. a midsole fade to black with speckle print added to the orange accents throughout the shoe – the combination adds a nice flavor to the shoe’s iconic elephant print.

Call these burnt Oreos if you like cus the Jordan IV Fear definitely has a milk and cookie vibe to it. A full speckle outsole adds a little pop of contrast but the upper fades beautifully from black to great in a very muted way.

These would work as a fighter jet rendition of a Jordan V. Sequoia looks fantastic on retros and Jordan knocked these out of the park with a textured upper that’s foreign to the V. Infrared accents add a little additional flavor too.


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