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TISH: Stan Smith’s Title

Timelessness stands as the benchmark all shoe companies shoot for when designing a shoe (or at least they should); a design that serves its initial functional purposes and ages gracefully into a ‘heritage’ or ‘lifestyle’ shoe. A great example is Puma’s Clyde, in 1973 the shoe served as cutting edge basketball shoe and 40+ years later remains a good looking, timeless, street shoe.

see the likeness now?

Adidas houses a stable of timeless classics, including the ‘always in style’ Stan Smith silhouette. How many people know Stan Smith? Who was Stan Smith?

grit and determination

Flexin’ on ’em

This is Stan Smith, an American tennis star from the 1970’s. Fun fact, Stan Smiths weren’t always known as Stan Smiths- the design was originally created for Frenchmen Robert Haillet. Haillets were cutting edge with leather being used for the first time in a tennis shoe. When Haillet retired in 1971 Adidas transitioned to Stan as the marquee athlete for the kicks. The shoe’s trademark green heel were an addition made by Stan himself as he sought greater achilles support. In 1972, July 9th to be exact, Stan won his only Wimbledon title wearing his trademark shoes.

Stan with his Wimbledon Trophy

Remarkably, the Stan Smith hasn’t changed much since it was the Haillet. It’s been a popular shoe choice for Adidas x ____ collaborations and occasionally Stan Smiths are mixed with new tech like Primeknit and Boost. Smith’s been on the record stating that his shoes are “fashion icons” and it’s hard to argue with him – they go with everything and remain timeless.

OG Stan Smith

Stan Smith Boost

Stan Smith Primeknit

Pharrell x Stan Smith

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