About 13,762 cliches exist when talking about perseverance: “never give up”, “impossible is nothing”, “don’t stop believing” are all touching sentiments but “talk is cheap” when it’s time to “put up or shut-up.”

LeBron and Kyrie did the impossible exactly three seasons ago to the day and completed one of greatest comebacks in sports history. Cleveland’s Stars delivered in the most stressful situations – Game 7. LBJ put up a triple-double with 27, 11, 11 and Kyrie gave the Cavs 26 and 6 (assists). The numbers are fantastic, great… expected- whatever, but box scores can’t quantify 4th quarter ‘clutch-ness’.

King James controlled the game’s tempo and delivered a typical (fantastical) performance; in true ‘Bron fashion, he chased down Andre Iguodala for an impeccable block with 1:51 left in the 4th. Most importantly, the game was tied at 89 and ‘The Block’ completely shifted momentum towards Cleveland setting up the Closer, Kyrie Irving.

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‘The Block’ gave the Cavs hope, and doubt naturally fails to stick within the minds of elite athletes like James and Irving. Clutch genes resign within Kyrie like they did within the game’s greats that came before him (the Cavs sorely missed his abilities during the 2015 and ’18 Finals). With the score still tied at 89, Kyrie danced on Curry for a nasty dagger 3-pointer. Irving’s shot iced Game 7 and it looked like poetry in motion. When time expired about a minute later, the Cavaliers hoisted up their first ever NBA Championship Trophy.

“Dance on ’em, young fella!”

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Lets pose a question now – where do you rank the duo of LeBron and Kyrie? Are they in the same conversation as: MJ & Pippen; Shaq & Kobe; Kareem & Magic; Russell & Cousy? It’s foolish not to look back at Game 7 of the 2017 Finals with some level of respect for LeKyrie (trying something new there) because they are the first, and only duo to come back from 1-3 in the Finals (the quality of their opponents speaks volumes too). Nike commemorated their star athletes’ achievement with four box sets containing a pair of Kyrie 2’s and Solider X’s; a set for Game 3, 5, 6 and 7 victories. Releases were sparse with drops exclusively at Nike: Santa Monica, NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas, 2 House of Hoops and 3 boutiques in Ohio, and the packs didn’t release on the SNKRS app. Check out some pics of the Game 7 pack below and tell us in the comments section below where you’d rank the LeBron and Kyrie duo!

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