Footwear Jobs This Week – Sneaker Designer, Skate, Basketball & Sales Associate

Sneaker jobs are a plenty right now, so if you’re looking to make the jump from a career as a desk jockey going nowhere to a dream job, this is the time. Whether you’re into skate shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, or want to create goods and accessories for a footwear brand, it’s a great time to be looking for a job in sneakers.

Marketing Manager Skate & Action Sports – New Balance
Long Beach, California, USA
New Balance might be known for their running shoes and their commitment to “Made In The USA” footwear but they’re looking for someone to take their skate and action sports lifestyle segment to new levels with this position based in Southern California. 
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Material & Accessories Developer – ASICS
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
This job presumably includes tasks like developing products, choosing materials, colors, etc. As well as creating samples and working with other teams to help plan and push products to market.
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Senior Designer Basketball Footwear – PUMA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
You might not thing of PUMA as a basketball footwear brand but that’s what makes this a killer opportunity. Imagine leading the design process to help a company, whose PUMA Suedes used be the go-to basketball shoe, return to the hardwood and re-establish their presence in the NBA.
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Sales Associate – Finish Line
Brooklyn, New York, USA
There’s no better place to start a sneaker career than in a shoe store like Finish Line. Cutting your teeth in a store gives you a broader understanding of what customers are looking for. Unlike the internet, it’s not all about the hype. There’s much more to it that you can learn by starting sneaker job in a retail store.
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