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TISH: Ray Allen’s Clutch Game-Tying Shot in the Air Jordan XX8

Ray Allen Game 6 Clutch Shot

There has been some great games in the NBA Finals over the course of its long history. However one of the most memorable in recent memory was Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. ESPN even named it the greatest NBA Finals game ever. That is a topic up for discussion but in recent memory, that game is tough to beat. Not only was it the second year of the “Big Three” experiment in Miami, but it was also against the most consistent franchise in the league, the San Antonio Spurs.

The game had it all. Drama, ups and downs, and moments that you couldn’t believe. But the highlights of the game came from those not named LeBron, Dwyane or Bosh. There was Tim Duncan playing the first half like it was the early 2000’s, Mike Miller hitting a shot while missing a sneaker, Mario Chalmers being a scoring spark plug, and more. But the moment that is embedded in all our brains and a turning point was due to Ray Allen. Down double-digits, in the fourth quarter, the hometown Heat were in trouble. Chipping and scrapping they were still down by three points with 19.4 seconds left in the quarter.

Ray Allen clutch shot in Air Jordan XX8 P.E.
Ray Allen clutch shot in Air Jordan XX8 P.E.
Ray Allen's Air Jordan XX8 "Finals" P.E.
Ray Allen’s Air Jordan XX8 “Finals” P.E.

With a foul to give the Spurs play the Heat straight up. LeBron gets a clean look at a three-pointer that misses. Chris Bosh grabs a tough offensive rebound. With both LeBron and Mario Chalmers open beyond the arc Bosh dishes a pass to Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen. Laced up in a white and gold pair of Air Jordan XX8 P.E.’s he quickly peddles back behind the corner three-point line. Tony Parker closing, we see Ray lift up. “Rebound Bosh. Back out to Allen. His three-pointer….BANG! Tie game with 5 seconds remaining!”

Ray Allen 3 Pointer

Of course, that only took it to overtime. However, the Heat would hold off the Spurs to win game 6 and take the Finals to a deciding game 7. Of course, now we know that is when the “Big Three” team would win their first Championship together. Thank you “Sugar Ray” for one of the best NBA moments ever.

Ray Allen in Air Jordan XX8 P.E., Tony Parker in PEAK
Ray Allen in Air Jordan XX8 P.E., Tony Parker in PEAK

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