My Top 10 Sneakers of 2015 – @marcohenry

Air Jordan X "OVO"

3. Air Jordan X “OVO”

When Drake signed a deal with Jordan Brand, I was a little skeptical because I just don’t think he had the design chops like Kanye West does. I was afraid of a partnership that would be forced and unauthentic, but I was wrong. They didn’t bring in Drake to sit at the design table and sketch up sneakers like Kanye and Nike did — it was a different kind of partnership. The two sides perfectly executed a sneaker that fits Drake’s brand and brought something new to Jordan. The white “OVO” Xs weren’t overdone, but were so much more than just throwing an Owl on a sneaker and calling it a collab. The stingray details really set it off and brought something new to an already beautifully designed sneaker

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