My Top 10 Sneakers of 2015 – @marcohenry

Air Jordan VIII "Aqua"

4. Air Jordan VIII ” Aqua”

Thanks to my dad and his love of sports, I’ve been laced in sneakers since I was a baby, but the Air Jordan Aqua 8 was really the sneaker that helped me make the jump from buying a couple pairs a year to really collecting. I’m not afraid to admit that it was Kanye West, and not Michael Jordan, who put me onto the Aqua 8s. West wore these so often during that Graduation era that I just had to have them. Seeing them release again this year was bittersweet because it took me a while to hunt down a 2007 pair. It was also surprising to see these sit on shelves for the Black Friday release, but the bright side is that some kid out there might be able to walk into a mall and cop on the spot, potentially igniting a passion in them like they did for me nearly 10 years ago.

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