My Top 10 Sneakers of 2015 – @marcohenry

Nike Kobe X

5. Nike Kobe X

After playing in Nike LeBron’s for a couple of years, I decided to go back to team Kobe when the X dropped. Part of it was nostalgia because I feared that this could be the last sneaker he ever dropped as an active player. Luckily for all basketball fans, Kobe is somewhat healthy this year and playing out the second half of his farewell tour in the new XIs. I’ll still always remember the X being the sneaker that Kobe was playing in when he announced his retirement.

I’ve always loved Kobe sneakers because they are first and foremost designed for performance, but always manage to come out looking great, too. This particular model lends itself so well to a number of colorways and materials, which can still be seen nightly on the feet of players in the league. If they’re good enough for Kobe and other elite NBA players, they’re good enough for me and my washed up runs at Equinox.

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