My Top 10 Sneakers of 2015 – @marcohenry

Under Armour Curry 1

7. Under Armour Curry 1

A couple of years ago, it would be nearly impossible to imagine a time when an Under Armour sneaker would make a top 10 list, but then they signed Stephen Curry. It took them a couple of years to get him a signature sneaker, but they did it the right way. They let him work closely with designers to execute a sneaker that reflected him as a player and person.

Additionally, they created a pure basketball sneaker, and didn’t try too hard to make it fashionable. The end result was a huge success for the brand, with many of the colorways even selling out. Imagine that, people actually lined up for an Under Armour sneaker and it sold out. Also, the price point on these is much more affordable then other NBA superstar’s signature sneakers, which I’m all for.

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