Who wears short shorts? Well on this day in 2007 the Lakers did, for at least one half of their game against the Boston Celtics. For some reason the team’s powers-that-be decided to pay homage to the rivalry and their predecessors by throwing it back and wearing shorts that John Stockton would approve of. They brought back the legend Jerry West as honorary captain for the game and showed highlights from back in the day. Sadly, the team didn’t seem to be into it.

Kobe Bryant in Nike Zoom Kobe 3

Down by 11 at halftime when they came out during the third quarter they were in their normal length shorts, matching the Celtics. But the wardrobe change didn’t help them at all. Kobe would score 22 points that night but on 6-for-25 shooting. His thoughts on the wardrobe: “I don’t know what it feels like to wear a thong, but I imagine it feels something like what we had on in the first half. I felt violated. I felt naked.”

Kevin Garnett in adidas TS Lightswitch KG and Derrick Fisher in Nike Air Max Elite II

The only Laker who would have a solid game was Lamar Odom who had a solid double-double rocking a pair of Nike Air Huararche Elite 2007 P.E.’s. Thankfully since 2007 we haven’t seen the combination of short shorts and compression gear attempted again.

Lamar Odom in Nike Air Huararche Elite 2007


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    I know for a fact that many more women used to watch basketball because of the short shorts!!

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