2015 Top 10 Collage

My Top 10 Kicks of 2015 – airon0828

2015 Top 10 Collage

If you didn’t notice 2015 was a big year for sneakers. There were more signature sneakers than ever, along with more brands and collaborations to choose from.

It seemed like every week there was a release that caught your eye, regardless if you wanted to cop or not. With the influx and popularity of sneakers it was also tough to not only chose what to buy but be happy with everything out there. Quality was both good and bad, and designs were both good and bad. However, you can’t deny that if you were a fan of sneakers there was something out there for you.

My list of sneakers go by my personal preference. I may enjoy Kanye’s music but you would never catch me in a pair of 750 Boost’s unless they came as a gift. And as a fan of tennis and runners I do wish we saw more love to the Air Max 90 for year 25.

2015 was so massive so take the list with a grain of salt. And now in no particular order, my top 10 of 2015….

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