We’ve seen some seriously impressive performances from guys like Stephen Curry this season. However, when it comes to putting up points fast, Tracy McGrady had one of the best performances of all time on this day in 2004. T-Mac and the Rockets were down eight points to the San Antonio Spurs with just under 40 seconds left in the game. McGrady went off.

T-Mac has had Tracy McGrady Sneakers, but 2004 was one of his most unforgettable. McGrady was wearing the adidas T-Mac 4, one of the craziest sneaker designs of all time. The design features no laces, but instead, a mechanical tightening system that is controlled by a fold out tightening dial in the heel of the shoe.

13 points and 35 seconds later, T-Mac and the Houston Rockets walked away victorious, leaving the San Antonio Spurs stunned. McGrady finished the game with 33 points. Of course we all know how the rest of the season went — the Rockets were knocked out of the first round of the Playoffs. Meanwhile, Tim Duncan and the Spurs got the last laugh by winning the NBA Title in June of 2005.

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