Scottie Pippen in Avia 855 Low

Scottie Pippen was the number 5 draft pick of the 1987 NBA Draft for the Seattle Supersonics, but was traded to the Chicago Bulls for Olden Polynice and future draft pick options. He would be joining the Bulls along with another forward, Horace Grant (you might’ve heard of him) the #10 pick that year for the Chicago Bulls. Of course the leader of the time was “His Airness,” Michael Jordan.

Avia 855 Low signed by Scottie Pippen

On November 7, 1987 Scottie and Horace would both make their regular season NBA debut against the Philadelphia 76ers, then lead by Charles Barkley and Mo Cheeks, who had won their home opener the night before. But they would both be coming off the bench behind the veterans Charles Oakley and Brad Sellers. When he finally entered the game, Scottie made his presence known.

Laced up in the Avia 855 Low’s he showed off the skills that made him a high draft pick. He shot 4-7 from the floor and got the charity stripe twice. He also added in 4 assists and 2 steals during his 23 minutes on the floor. An efficient start to his Hall of Fame career. Now just imagine if Avia was able to keep him in their sneakers over the years rather than lose him to Nike.

Scottie Pippen in Avia 855 Low

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