KRINK x Nike Air Force 1 “1World”

With over 33 years of Nike Air Force 1’s released, one could argue that anything that could be done to the model has already been seen. But Nike would beg to differ.

To show that the AF1 has endless possibilities, in 2008 they invited 18 influential people to create their own version of the classic model. The collection was called the 1World pack and released throughout the year in limited quantities worldwide.

KRINK x Nike Air Force 1 “1World”

One of the people invited to create their own version of the AF1 was New York Graff writer, Craig “KR” Costello. He founded his company KRINK and it’s still is one of the most recognizable maker of graffiti markers and ink in the world. The brand’s signature look is the dripping ink that is easily created by depressing the marker on any surface.

So it was no surprise to see the drip look being featured on KR’s AF1. The sneaker started off with a full 3M silver base. On top of the reflective base the KRINK drip was added. Only the Swoosh, laces and liner were not 3M on the upper.

KRINK x Nike Air Force 1 “1World” Details

The Air Force 1 midsole was done up in matching silver with classic gum bottoms. Completing the look was the KRINK branding on the tongue tag, heel tab and special lacestay. Limited to only 500 units each pair was packaged with K-70 CMYK marker set in a custom box.

KRINK x Nike Air Force 1 “1World” K-70 Markers

If you were/are a fan of KRINK these were a must have. And for the most hardcore heads, there is a special black version that was made. Black with purple dripps, these pairs were only given to KR’s friends and family. That pair is especially hard to find and rarely seen.

KRINK x Nike Air Force 1 “1World” Friends & Family

Although the popularity of the Air Force 1 has dwindled a bit, the iconic model is a staple of any sneakerhead’s collection. If any happen to own a pair of the KRINK x Nike Air Force 1 “1World” then you’re probably not new to the game. If you want a pair, well there is always eBay.

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