The Bin 23 Jordan Collection is quite an anomaly. It’s the most premium quality Jordans we’ve ever seen, significantly higher quality than the Remastered Jordans from this year.

The Bin 23 Jordans came with high end shoe trees, dust bags, and premium packaging that was really everything the sneaker community was asking for when it comes to premium versions of our beloved Air Jordan sneakers. However, the Bin 23 Collection was only made in a handful of silhouettes. The set includes the Jordan 2 (II), Jordan 5 (V), Jordan 13 (XIII), Jordan 9 (IX), and Jordan 7 (VII), but even more oddly, the colorways were nothing close to original Jordan colorways.

What’s interesting now when looking back at the 2011 released Jordan Bin 23 Collection is realizing it could have been one of the most successful series Jordan ever produced. To some, it may be. But it feels like the collection was quickly forgotten, perhaps because of how limited they were, or perhaps because of the unique colorways. I’d argue that the sneaker community just wasn’t ready for the higher priced Jordans at the time, no matter how much more bang for the buck they had compared to newer releases. Jordan Brand was ahead of the curve when it comes to the Bin 23 Collection, so much so that the economy, at least in regards to sneakerheads, couldn’t afford it. It makes me wonder…How much would you pay for the Jordan Bin 23 Collection?

The entire collection is now available on eBay if you’re interested. But be aware, you’ve got to pay to play.

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