Eddie Jones? Who is he? For some of you that are not familiar, Eddie Jones was one of the first Brand Jordan athletes to ever have a signature shoe (along with Vin Baker).

I say Brand Jordan instead of Jordan Brand is because the company was first coming into its own entity and wanted to be separated from the Swoosh bracket in the late 90s-early–2000s. That’s the name it used when it first started to branch out: Brand Jordan.

Eddie Jones in Nike Air Money vs Michael Jordan in Air Jordan XII – Image via Pintrest

Originally drafted 10th in the ’94 NBA Draft out of Temple University, Eddie Jones built a steady career off of his quiet yet athletic demeanor. He was a decent scorer but ferocious defender. He garnered personal accolades like being selected as a 3x NBA All-Star, 1x All-NBA team, 3x All Defensive-team. He played for the L.A. Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks, and did a short-lived stint with the Indiana Pacers.

Most importantly, EJ’s kick game was out of this world. His PEs were definitely underrated and even over-looked, but never forgotten. Hopefully some of these images will bring back a little nostalgia; Let’s have a look:

L.A. Lakers

Eddie Jones in Jumpman Pro – Image via Vmagz


Darvin Ham – Nike Air MZ3 vs Eddie Jones – Team Jumpman – Image via SC


Jordan Jumpman Pro 2 Home CW – Image via NT
Jordan Jumpman Pro 2 Away CW – Image via NT

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