John Wall might be the most underrated guard in the NBA. He also, might be the most feared by white people because he’s so so gangster.

Regardless of how you feel about him, his shoes have come a long way. After making the jump from the hideous Reebok Zigs (sorry Reebok, although I do own a pair, smh) to his eventual signature sneaker with adidas, he’s now on his second edition with the adidas Wall 2. It’s more anticipated than any sneaker John Wall has worn.

This sample pair found on eBay has a unique colorway and we assume, a unique story behind it, although we haven’t a clue what the prismatic looking plaid upper represents. If you can tell us what it is in the comments below, we’ll send some digital respect your way. Or you can just buy it here and run around the DMV stuntin’ on fools like a Dougie-doing gangster.

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