Top 5 Sneakers Inspired By School Cover

Top 5 Sneakers Inspired By School

Nike Dunk High “Nikebook”

Released in 2007, Retro-ed in 2014.

We all had two composition notebooks. One was class notes. Parabolas, subject and predicates, chemical equations, World War II. The other was a journal for numbers, poems, random thoughts, doodles, or maybe you just ripped the paper out to throw at the teacher. I’m not here to judge. What I am here to do is tell you that the “Nikebook” Dunks are FIRE. Tumbled leather toebox and heel panel. Notebook paper print on the side panels. And last but not least, marble composition print on the toe panel and ankle panel. It gets better. The insole has a little drawn Nike school bus, in a style similar to the Back to School graphic on the tongue. And the best part? Instead of notebook in the title plaque? Nikebook. It has the lines too, in case you want to go ahead and let everybody know who’s been taking notes on style. There is actually a Dunk Low CW and if my research serves me correctly, two Dunk High CWs but the Low and original High were GS only.

Since a lot of these sneakers were part of themed packs, some of themes you see on this list have actually been on other shoes on this list. Most specifically, the “Nikebook” theme was used on the Air Max 90 and the Vandal High in a GS pack. That being said, Nike and Vans were the only brands I could find that really had any school themed shoes. I stayed away from School PEs because that would be an entirely different list to worry about. If you know of any school themed sneakers similar to the ones on this list from other brands that I may have missed, leave them in the comments below.

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