Top 5 Sneakers Inspired By School Cover

Top 5 Sneakers Inspired By School

Nike Vandal High “Crayola” 

Released in 2007

I’m a sucker for some buttery suede. These Vandal Highs bring these in tandem with some excellent tumbled yellow leather occupying the toebox and panels. This colorway is directly inspired by that 64 pack of Crayola crayons you had back in Kindergarten. You remember that one, the one you didn’t let anybody touch except your crush with the hair that you thought was real pretty. You felt like you were that dude/dudette during Arts and Crafts, I know, don’t even trip. These were part of Nike’s Back to School pack, which was composed of sneakers that feature a cool little graphic of a school with a Nike swoosh and a sun peeking from behind the top of the school. These Vandals exclusively feature this graphic on the tongue and the back of the shoe behind the Vandal strap.

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